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Marks are of utmost importance in life of a student, and getting higher marks is possible only by doing smart study. Not by reading bigger and bigger books , with lots and lots of information that are of no use by the point of view for exams and for this, MyAKTUNotes brings you the best notes written by the teachers handmade over a long period of time with full dedication.

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We are trying to provide best notes from different colleges and different professors, and ask them to upload their notes to our website. Different notes are sorted according to their ratings, so that you find different notes. Professors are also participating with interest so that we all can together provide you with great notes.

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You have your exams tomorrow, and you have nothing but only bigger and bigger books, demanding months to complete. We can help you pass in such circumstances. So, start now by searching notes by filling fields given on top of page.
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Time passes by quickly, and you simply don't get enough time to study each and every units of those lengthy books. We help you get some short written material, that will help you gain knowledge in very short time.
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You can gain perfection only when you practice as hard as you can. Reading particular notes is not enough, you need to read as much as you can. And, in return you gain perfection, which will lead you to success in life.